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It is already August and the project still hasn't started. Reality can be spoilsport and I had to postpone the project start again.

But at least I can tell you a bit more about this project:

Project Wolfslogik is a one person music project, planed as a studio project that may evolve in time. The music style isn't predefined. I like a lot of different music styles and I will take every sound, style or element as long as I think it will sound good. You can however expect that it will be purely instrumental in the beginning and there will be some elements of electronic music in it.

The project is a hobby and I have to do it beside my fulltime job, so my time for it is rather limited. To cut a long story short, I cannot say when the project will finally start. I hope I can produce something this summer but I will not make any promises.

So long,


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